Finding Good Fresh Fish Is Impossible At The Grocery Store - Best Wild Caught Fish Delivery

Finding Good Fresh Fish Is Impossible At The Grocery Store

Many times I have purchased fish that was supposed to be Fresh at my local market and was left with a sub-par cut of fish. Finding fresh fish at my local market is just like winning on a scratch ticket. What options do I have? I can try to purchase from the local fish market but the prices are ludicrous. Also they could not guarantee the fish was organic nor could they guarantee the mercury level in the fish. Try asking your local grocery store these questions! They have no clue whatsoever. So? What can we do?

My choice was to turn to an online business that could guarantee fresh organic low mercury content fish that I could trust. This is where Vital Choice Organics came into our lives. 

There fish is free of hazardous levels of mercury, for two reasons:

  • Feature species that are inherently low in mercury: salmon, sablefish, sardines, scallops, prawns, and crab.
  • Offer only younger, smaller (therefore, minimal-mercury) members of predatory species (halibut and albacore tuna).

Best thing is this is a guarantee and if you are ever unhappy they will reimburse you or ship a new fresh organic package to your door. My favorite is the marbled king salmon pictured below. The truly Best Wild Caught Fish Delivery is only a click away. 


Marbled King Salmon - skin-on - boneless - 6 oz portions

Marbled King Salmon - skin-on - boneless - 6 oz portions

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We love the salmon. I purchase enough salmon to last us a few weeks and save big time on the shipping. Best yet I do not even have to leave the house. The fish arrives flash frozen right to our door.
Wild Pacific king (Chinook) salmon rank as the richest member of the Pacific salmon family — it tops all other species for fat and omega-3 content, and is very rich in vitamin D3.

To capture its fresh-caught quality, our king salmon is line-harvested from small boats, immediately iced, and then flash-frozen within a few hours of leaving the water.

Vital Choice seafood is processed and flash-frozen hours within hours of harvest, preserving the fresh-caught flavor, appearance, texture, and nutritional quality of our premium quality fish and shellfish.
Most of the fish that you buy at your grocery store or fish market is previously frozen. Meaning it froze then was defrosted losing a large portion of its flavor and purity. Vital Choice delivers the freshest fish possible right to your door. 
Give it a try today! You will not be dissapointed. 

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