Five Benefits of Organic Gardening

5 Benefits of Organic Gardening

Benefits Of Organic Gardening


Organic gardening is the term used to describe the growth of plants without the use of any type of chemicals. The benefits of organic gardening are many, plus it’s a sustainable way to grow food.

Foods grown without chemicals are better for you, better for the planet, and will cost you less money than foods grown with chemicals. Let’s look at the top 5 benefits of organic gardening.

Increased Nutritional Benefits

The major benefit of organic gardening is the food produced contains more of the essential nutrients than commercially grown food.

Chemical fertilizer makes plants grow faster and produce bigger yields but the rapid growth doesn’t allow the fruits and vegetables to develop all their potential nutrient content. The plants up-take the chemicals too and trace amounts end up on your dinner plate.

Better Soil

Organic gardening benefits the soil by improving fertility, preventing erosion, creating a mini-eco-system below the soil, and promoting good drainage.

Organic matter, like compost, is added to soil to feed it and improve soil structure.

Cleaner Water

A little-known benefit of organic gardening is cleaner water. Everything put into the soil or used on plants and lawns will eventually end up in the nearest water system.

Rain run-off carries the chemical fertilizer, pest control, and fungicides along with it as it makes its’ slow and sure trek back into your home’s tap water.

Healthier You

Organic gardening benefits your health. Ingesting no chemicals and more nutrients from organic produce helps to promote a healthier body.

Tending to an organic garden also provides physical exercise and reduces stress, both of which improve health.

More Money in Your Pocket

Many people think growing an organic garden is more expensive than growing food with chemical assistance. That’s not factual, another benefit of organic gardening is it’s cheaper that traditional gardening.

You make your own plant food by composting food waste and organic pest control is accomplished with companion planting and/or DIY organic pesticides.

It Gives Back

An organic garden gives back everything you need to continue to grow food. It’s sustainable, healthy, and provides a multitude of benefits.


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