Is There A Weed Killer Crisis

Is there a weed killer crisis?
The simple answer, It depends on who you ask. Bayer stands by its testing that glyphosphate is safe for its intended use. However multiple different courts have now awarded millions of dollars to plaintiffs in legal cases stating that Bayer is responsible for their non-hodgkins lymphoma.
This is not worth me taking this risk for my family. I spent hours and hours over a year and half coming up with a formulation that is safe for me and my family. I also did a lot of research about the potential cause of hive collapse disorder in honey bees. This is one my hobbies that I enjoy. Raising bees to help the honey bee continue to thrive in our home state. I was shocked to see GMO plants being created that produce a plant based roundup that allegedy is killing bee populations. Again not worth the risk to me. Many countries are follwing suit and banning the use of glyphosate. Below is a list of countries that have bans in effect blocking the sale of glyphosphate:

So what do you think? Is it worth the risk or would you rather use a natural organic alternative. 

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