The Best Gardening Kneeling Pad - Save Your Knees While Gardening

The Best Gardening Kneeling Pad

Gardening Kneeling Pad

The Garden Joy All In One Kneeler & Sitter


Are you like me? I love gardening, it is relaxing and rewarding for the soul. I love to get my hands dirty in the soil and planting plants that I can watch grow fruit and flower over time. Its brings me joy to see the garden come to life in the spring with beautiful flowers and the wildlife that comes to visit. That is all well and good but bending over and standing on mu knees takes a toll. In fact, I was avoiding gardening due to knee pain. As I age the knee pain gets worse and the gardening becomes less. I had to find an option that I could easily carry around the yard and find a Gardening Kneeling Pad that could protect my knees. That is where the Garden Joy All In One Kneeler and Sitter saved my garden tired knees. You can sit or kneel allowing you to keep the weeding and plating going with comfort. The pad really protects my knees and when I need a break I flip it over and take a seat. 

Kneel comfortably while you dig, plant, and weed your garden with this innovative device that quickly converts into the seat. The thick, comfortable foam pad cushions your knees, while EZ grip handles help you stand back up freely and easily.



Some of the Key Product Highlights

  • Heavy duty tubular frame is strong yet lightweight
  • Flip kneeler over for a comfortable seat
  • Folds flat, so it's easy to take with you from garden to garage
  • 200 lb seated capacity (*not intended for full body weight support while standing up from kneeling)
  • Measures 19" H x 23" W x 11" D; foam pad is 6" x 16"


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