Which Organic Hair Color Is The Best?

Which Organic Hair Color Is The Best?

Organic hair color is something that many try to find and usually leave the experience thinking that quality organic hair color does not exist. Why is that? 

Dangers of conventional hair color are pretty well known. The National Cancer Society has listed over 5000 chemicals that are utilized in common everyday hair dyes. One of the most common chemicals in hair dye products today are phenylenediamines, which vary depending on the desired color of your hair:

– para-phenylenediamine (black)
– para-toluenediamine (brown)
– ortho-phenylenediamine (brown)
– para-aminophenol (reddish brown)
– ortho-aminophenol (light brown)

The main concern with this ingredient is that it is an allergen, and can create difficult skin reactions on the scalp, ears, or wherever the hair dye comes into contact with your skin which is pretty much unavoidable in the process of hair coloring. 

Ok so we know it is not good for us but how can we achieve the youthful look of beautifully colored hair without the use of these chemically laden staples in the marketplace?

Organic hair color! Does it exist? Which Organic Hair Color Is The Best? We would recommend only one brand that has worked for me and my friends. 

ONC Natural Colors - Organic Hair Color That Works and Lasts 

Which Organic Hair Color Is The Best?

With the ONC Natural Colors hair coloring kit, you’ll have the healthier, flawless hair you’ve always wanted. What’s even better, is that you can count on long-lasting soft and smooth texture that maintains gray coverage. Whether you spend your days out in the sun, in an office, or running errands, we know how important it is to maintain healthier hair with a color you feel confident in. Free of ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, silicone and nonoxynol. Gentle protein based formula; Professionally developed in salons. ONC offers many other organic products that are worth a look.

It's a rich color with lots of variations giving it a natural look.  The heat makes all the difference. It was a nice experience, no stinging or strong odors, not messy. The ONC brand is not tested on Animals like the more commercial brands are processed. Beautiful color that lasts 5 months & covers the gray! No scent. Recommend highly!!! Over 25 different colors are readily available today making it easy to choose one that works. 

Organic options are available. There are other brands but I swear by ONC. It is an excellent product low odor, easy to mix, easy to apply. My hair felt very soft after I used the product. Love the fact it doesn't have all the chemicals!! I Found my new hair dye! Will you find yours?

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