Organic Natural Weed Killer Vinegar - 1 Gallon - myorganicals
Organic Natural Weed Killer Vinegar - 1 Gallon - myorganicals
Organic Natural Weed Killer Vinegar - 1 Gallon - myorganicals

Organic Natural Weed Killer Vinegar - 1 Gallon

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Organic Natural Weed Killer 

Are you shocked with what is in the commercially available weed killers? Have you seen the latest news? If not, you certainly should be and you should check out the latest news. The most popular weed killers on the market house chemicals that are known to cause cancer and other health related issues. A typical ingredient in popular weed killers is a chemical called glyphosate which has been proven to cause cancer. However due to political views and monetary stress it remains on the marketplace. This just has to stop. 

Why would we put that in the ground? Remember, whatever we apply to the ground ends up in the water we drink and the food we eat. Natural weed killer is available! This weed killer is safe for pets.

There are safer more organic options and you have found what we believe to be the best! Our formula was designed over three years of trial and error on our own farm in New Hampshire. This propriety blend of ingredients have been chosen from the same ingredients one would use to bake a cake or pickle your garden cucumbers. All the ingredients come from natural sources and are completely non-toxic. 

So, I am sure you are asking, if it is so safe how does it kill those pesky weeds? Very simple, the ingredients are ingested by the plant after application and are extremely effective in starving the plant of all its internal hydration. In essence drying the plant out so it cannot survive. Therefore, once the weed has fully wilted, you easily apply a little top soil and some grass seed to fill in the spot vacated by the weed. This cannot be said of the commercially available staples. Give it a try and please share your results. Weed Killer Vinegar based keeps it natural and safe. No mixing needed Just pour into your pump sprayer and go, Happy Weeding.  

1 Gallon Container - Use with pump type sprayer for best results. 


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